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Stephen Gillmor QFA RPA advises private individuals, company directors and the self-employed. We talk about what you want out of life first then show you how a good financial plan can help you achieve your aims.

Which is the right pension to have and how much should you contribute? What are your choices at retirement? Should you leave your money on deposit or are there better options and if so where? Is your family financially protected in the event of a crisis? Talking to us will help you answer these questions giving you clarity to make decisions.

Advice from a suitably qualified and experienced advisor will benefit you. Working with the many different providers in the Irish market we choose the most appropriate one for you and explain how you will benefit.

Investing your money either via a pension or an investment is a decision for the long term. What we will not do is advise you and walk away.

At Gillmor Pensions and Investments, we work with you with your long-term goals in mind. We advise on appropriate times to change investment funds to make the most of investment opportunities and you get the benefits from this.


How we have helped others

  • Thank you for all the advice you gave us, it was a great help.

    Adrienne O’Neill

  • You were spot on with the timing of moving the funds and it seems to have recovered well, thanks again for the guidance.

    Barry Keegan

  • We always feel much happier having talked to you.

    Dr. Joe and Dr. Ester Crilly