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You have worked hard to accumulate wealth and we look to add value and opportunities to you to protect and grow these funds over time. Using some of the world’s leading fund managers we select the most appropriate funds to match your aims and ambitions.

Once we have established your aims, we look at three important factors before recommending any investment.

Your attitude to risk

This often produces a different outcome than people expect, this exercise encourages a little thinking and exploration. An investment appropriate to your attitude to risk means you will never be worried about your investment.

Your capacity

Although no investor likes to see the value of their investment drop, we recognise that in order to obtain good long term returns you need to accept this may happen from time to time. Capacity refers to how important this factor is to you.

Your objectives

What are you trying to achieve when you invest and how critical is it to achieve these objectives.


These three factors help in determining whether leaving funds on deposit at one end or investing in a potentially volatile pure equity fund at the other extreme is most appropriate for you.

Once an investment is put in place, we work to ensure that the correct decisions are made at the correct time. Switching to lower risk funds after periods of sustained gains and switching to higher risk funds at times of significant market reductions can add significantly to the value of funds. Unfortunately, human nature often drives the opposite behaviour, so part of our role is to ensure the correct actions are taken at the most opportune times.

Diversification, favouring investment in Shares (Equities), appropriate risk exposure, investing for the long term, reducing risk after good times and increasing risk in bad times along with open communications are all key factors in successful investing.


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