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Starting off by listening to what you want, your goals and priorities, we create a plan with you at the centre of that plan. This will consider where you are now and create a roadmap which will mean you balance your financial commitments to best achieve your targets.

Once we have assessed your goals and examined your circumstances, we select a strategy that will best fit those goals. We work with you along the journey to retirement, providing you with the information you need and the focus when you need it. We make sure you do not miss opportunities along the way.

Investment markets are changeable and so is life. Your goals and aspirations will change, and investment markets will change, creating opportunities which we will exploit to improve your chances of achieving your targets.

Approaching retirement, we work even more closely with clients to ensure the options at retirement are clearly understood. As we are helping to actively manage your funds, we see the period prior to retirement as being of utmost importance in making the most of your funds. After all, this is the period when your fund is at its largest and can really generate significant growth. We cannot have too much risk however so if appropriate, we adjust your funds to protect against last minute shocks. These decisions are made in conjunction with you and vary from client to client.


The work continues after retirement for most clients. Many funds continue to be invested to provide income and so the importance of appropriate fund selection, regular updates and technical advice continues also. We love to see our clients spending their funds in retirement and being comfortable enough to do so, after all isn’t that why they saved in the first place?

Apart from the usual funds on offer, we can help you structure your pension where you buy and sell shares yourself. Many clients like to pick shares themselves with some or all their pension funds and this can be facilitated. We do believe that professional investment managers have more time to research, have teams of experts behind them and the experience in structuring funds to reduce risk than most of us. Generally our recommendation is to use investment managers for the majority of an investor’s fund.


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